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RPA event  'Moving on' - 1st October 2019

 All of the year 11s attended the annual 'Raising Participation Age' careers event at Hornchurch Leisure Centre. The students were able to talk to a host of sixth form providers, colleges and apprenticeship providers from the nearby area.  

Women in Tech Day - 24th September 2019

 Ten of our year 11 Computer Science students went on a visit as arranged by the Computer Science department. 

East London Medical Day

Fourteen of our year 10 and 11 students who expressed an interest in pursuing a career in medicine attended a medical day at Havering 6th Form College on the 14TH March.

Along with pupils from other schools, the girls participated in a range of activities led by current medical students. The afternoon began with a presentation from 4th year medical students on the entry requirements for medical school as well as the application and interview process.  All students were then put into groups where they completed a variety of activities which were very interactive. These included sessions on medical ethics, diagnostics, emergency medical assistance and ‘the brain and heart’. The whole afternoon concluded with a panel answering questions.

The pupils really enjoyed the afternoon as it provided a useful insight into what the life of a medical student was like and gave them the opportunity to work with new people.  The experience was very valuable and has encouraged the  girls to aspire to a career in this field.

Work Experience in Italy

 To promote further study of Italian, the MFL Department organised a week's work experience in Sicily, during the February half term​. 

Year 11 and 12 students carried out a work placement in a restaurant, in a perfume shop, in a bar, in a secondary school, at a hairdresser and as guides on a tourist bus.

Well done girls, we are really proud of you!

STEM day at Havering College, Tuesday 6th February

 Year 9 pupils spent today at the STEM Centre at Havering College.

They took part in a number of different experiments including robot design, extracting strawberry DNA and making elephants' toothpaste!

The girls were also able to find out about the different career paths linked to the further study of STEM subjects.

Year 9 - Engineering Masterclass - 27th January 2018

Our SHOM engineers learnt about 3D technology on the second day of the Engineering Masterclasses at London Metropolitan University.

They learnt the Physics behind Chroma depth glasses and 3D tomography mapping.

They also had a go at making their own 3D images which pop out when viewed with the special glasses. Well done girls!

Sixth Form Options Fayre, Thursday 25th January

 Year 11 students visited the Sixth Form Options Fayre today where they learned about the different subjects on offer at our Sixth Form.

They were able to ask questions and receive information advice and guidance from our year 12 and 13 students.

Thank-you for all of your help girls!

Year 9 - Engineering Masterclass at London Metropolitan University

20th January 2018 was the launch of the Engineering Masterclasses at the London Metropolitan University. 

The first workshop was on Bioengineering.

Our lovely team of SHOM engineers learnt about the role of biomedical engineers in advancing medicine and medical imaging.

They excelled at their task which was to design a research trial to analyse the efficiency of the asthma drug delivery system.

Human Dissection - 3rd November 2018

 Year 12 Applied Science students visited South Essex College this week to observe a semi-synthetic human cadaver dissection.

They spent the day learning about human anatomy and the process of decay.

Inspiring future pathologists, forensic scientists and clinicians!

Year 12 Work Experience Week 2018

 Work Experience Week  will take place Monday 16th- Friday 20th July 2018. 

To ensure that all of the placements are in accordance with the DfE Standards for Work Experience and that they meet all of Health and Safety Guidelines which keep our pupils safe, we will be working with BEP, London's largest work experience provider, to facilitate the placements.

What do students need to do?

1. Attend the Work Experience Information Evening on Monday 6th November at 7pm.

2. Pick up a copy of the 'Own Placement Form' and begin to approach employers to find a suitable placement. Hints and tips on how to do this can be found on the 'Work Experience' section of this website (link from the homepage).

3. Hand in the completed form (NB: It MUST be signed by the employer) no later than Wednesday 31st January 2018. Forms can be handed into Mrs Clohosy or Ms Holman.

4. If students fail to secure their own placement, they will be allocated a password for the BEP website. They will be able to access a 'bank' or pre-approved work placements which they must select from. Access is available from 19th March, and all placements must be selected and submitted by 23rd April 2018. NB: Most placements in the pre-approved bank with be in general administration or retail, so it is beneficial for pupils to source their own placement to ensure it meets their career aims.

5. When placements are allocated, students will be given a parental consent form which must be signed and returned to the school. Students must also contact the employer IMMEDIATELY to confirm that they will be attending the placement. NB: Failure to contact the employer may result in a lost placement.

Copies of the letter outlining payment information for Work Experience and the information handed out at the Information Evening (including a copy of the Own Placement Form) can be found below.

'Girls in IT' talk for Year 9

Year 9 girls considering their GCSE options had the benefit of a visiting speaker from GS during their CP lesson last week.

The girls learned about the breadth of the technology industry including the many career areas that it spans, giving them a real insight into their options with a qualification in IT.

Year 9 Options Evening will be held on Wednesday 21st February where parents and pupils can find out more about different GCSE options and where this could take them in the future.

Visit the Prospects Careers Advisor, Julie Kee, in the ambulatory for personalised guidance on the evening.

Virtual Reality brings the world of work to life for Year 11

Budding medics and lawyers were able to experience life in the working world, using virtual reality headsets today.

The girls involved watched a series of videos such as 'a day of a life of a GP', and 'in the operating theatre' to get a feel for different areas of medicine and law and what they can expect if they choose to follow this career path.

 The session was run by Prospects as part of the Careers Education Programme for year 11 this term.

The Brilliant Club

The Brilliant Club is an organisation that ​aims to increase the number of state school students (particularly those from backgrounds that are currently under represented) at top universities including Oxford and Cambridge.  The organisation does this through its Scholars Programme that links up pupils with a PhD students who deliver university style tutorials to small groups of students.  The course is preceded by a trip to a top university to launch the course and is completed with a further visit to another top university for the 'graduation' ceremony.  Students selected to take part are expected to complete reading and coursework including a final independent research project which is graded in the way piece of work would be graded at university (i.e. as a Ist or 2:1 etc.).   More information can be found on the organisation's  website:

At Sacred Heart of Mary Girls' School, we select students both Year 9 and Year 10 to take part. Some of the courses that have been run are:

  • The Physics of the Brain
  • Tradition and Modernity: Gender in contemporary Indian English literature​
  • It’s not rocket science, it’s just good research! (focus on Stem Cells)

Below are some photographs of the most recent Brilliant Club Graduation Ceremony, held at Wadham College, University of Oxford.

Work Experience at Lonely Planet

During summer 2016, Eve Munday (Year 12)  and Meghan Kinsella (Year 11) carried out one weeks work experience in Lonely Planet's London office. The work experience was open to all schools, but nationally only 8 pupils were selected to take part, so we are very proud that 2 of the 8 were from Sacred Heart!

As part of the week, the girls had to create a travel product for children, so Eve and Meghan, alongside their group, chose to create a children's travel app. The girls had to fully research, design and present their idea to important people at Lonely Planet, gaining valuable workplace skills.

As well as the project, they were able learn about all different parts of working in a travel publishers as they gained experience in different departments throughout their week.

Well done Eve and Meghan!

Year 12 Work Experience Week 2017

Work Experience Week  will take place Monday 17th- Friday 21st July 2017. 

All year 12 students are expected to have found a suitable placement for work experience week.

What do I need to do?

  • find a suitable placement
  • Give employer details to Mrs Clohosy, ensuring that you have a contact name, phone number and e-mail address
  • Ensure your consent form is signed by your parent/guardian

Careers Day 2017

On Tuesday 20th June Sacred Heart hosted a highly successful Careers Event for  our Year 12s. Students elected to attend various talks and workshops given by leading universities and employers, allowing them to develop their employability skills as well as learn about career pathways and opportunities within different industries. Year 11 and 13 were invited to attend, and our year 10s also had the opportunity to visit in the afternoon.

Universities included Kings College London, Warwick, Canterbury, Portsmouth and Loughborough.

Employers showcasing graduate programmes and apprenticeship opportunities included M&G Investments, Lloyds Banking Group, BT, Thames Water, Ernst & Young, London Market Association, the Army and ALDI.

If you would like to exhibit at our Careers Event in March 2018, please complete the 'How can I get involved? form below.

How can I get involved?

Throughout the year we organise different events inviting external organisations into the school to give talks, workshops and presentations.  If you would like to represent your organisation at the school, please complete the form below and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.